• Handcrafted

    Every piece is individually Hand Crafted & sourced directly from the supplier to the highest standard for the lowest prices.

  • Unique

    Quirky is our middle name & we regularly work with suppliers to come up with fresh & unique products to help give you some giftsperation.

  • Carefully selected

    We will only deal with suppliers directly keeping operations and products fair-trade and as sustainable as possible.

About us

For over a decade we have been bringing the unique and outstanding creative skills of the Balinese craftsmen & women to the UK showcasing the incredible talent on display.

We have always strived for a system in which everyone wins, meaning we deal directly with our suppliers allowing us to remain fair-trade & keep prices as reasonable as possible for our wonderful customers.

During covid we had to adapt to survive which resulted in us concentrating heavier on retail rather than wholesale which led to the opening of our 3 shops in The Lake District since 2020.

We also have a growing pop up business at Christmas which we hope to spread around the country so we can share the love and passion we have for the craft.